Hello world! Walak, Walak, Walak!

- Walak actually means "Hello World!

Walak actually means "Hello World!" It is interesting for me as Walak Tribesperson to write this note when I know that both "Hello World" and "Walak" has exactly the same meaning.

This blog is dedicated to present various information, news and updates on the Walak Tribe in western part of the Isle of New Guinea politically called as West Papua (Indonesia calls it Papua and Papua Barat provinces)

This blog aims at educating the world of the Walak Tribe on:

  1. The meaning of the Walak Tribe;
  2. The purpose of Walak Tribe being in this planet Earth;
  3. The organisation of Walak Tribe;
  4. The task of Walak Tribe in West Papua, in Melanesia and in the world.

I am happy to say that this blog is presented with proud and thank to the support from Lembaga Sabahat Alam Papua (SAPA) who sponsored the domain registration, web hosting, and mapping of Walak Tribe since 2019.