About Us

- About this blog and Walak Tribe

This blog is established and managed by Sahabat Alam Papua (SAPA), as part of SAPA's project to Map tribes in Western New Guinea. In the future and Eastern New Guinea and all across Melanesia will finally be mapped based on the platform, principles and values developed by Sahabat Alam Melanesia (SALAM) in West Papua.

SAPA means greetings, SALAM means Shalom, Peace, Greetings! In Walak, it is called, "Wa, Wa, wa!"

Wa, wa, wa! Salam Hormat! Sapa kami semua! (Wa, Wa, Wa, Greetings with respect! Our greetings to you all)

Website yi nit Walak mende ninawene mbalek ma, nit obok ar niniliti tebe bpatalok, mbalek blikalok nen Ala endage tiya bpugi, ninane wataganem iluk erit lagwi eruwok nen kinayonggo blogo o, lak. wa wa.